May 25, 1915

by Richard van Pelt, WWI Correspondent

Locally, the paper reported that “Radical Unionism Not Be Tolerated on New Building:”

School Board Enjoined To Avoid Danger of Clash Between Boss and Builder

While the Salem school board last night authorized the building and grounds committee to employ a superintendent of construction for the new McKinley school, at not to exceed $5 per day, in addition to the employment of Architect George M. Post as general overseer at a compensation of 3 per cent of the contract price and $100, it was implicitly understood and the committee was charged to exercise extreme care that a radical and rampant union labor . . . . so as to avoid unnecessary annoyance and delay in construction work such as would arise if a union superintendent were to attempt to enforce the exclusive employment of union labor on the job when it is fully known and understood that the contractors, Snook & Traver, conduct an “open shop.”

On the editorial page, the editor, with tongue in cheek, wondered about Germany and Italy:

If we may believe the press reports the Germans and Italians are actually peeved at each other, news which may be regarded as the most painful surprise of the war. We had supposed that the two nations were about to engage in a good natured killing match, and that the best of feeling characterized all the preliminary arrangements. Latest advices from the front, however, are that the war is really degreasing into a disgraceful quarrel in which evidence of bad temper is cropping out in various quarters, a fact greatly to be deplored, since legalized murder and destruction of property on a large scale ought to be conducted on a higher plane and in keeping with all the attributes of our higher Christian civilization. It is more than disgraceful to allow the splendid carnival of slaughter to degenerate into an ordinary brawl through an unseemly display of temper.

The headlines and news from the Daily Capital Journal:

No Resistance Offered Invaders Who Outnumber Garrisons –
Two Austrians Killed in First Land Engagement –
Italian King Leaves for the Front Amid the Plaudits of the Multitude –
Six Killed When Shell Hits Train

Plague Sweeps Out Whole Families and Dead Are Tumbled Into Trenches

Petrograd Claims German Advance on Przemysl Is Checked
Berlin Says Von Mackensen Has Captured Six Fortified Villages
and Taken 21,000 Prisoners – Allied Troops Report Important Gains In Dardanelles Region


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