Summary of the War for April, 1915

by Richard van Pelt, WWI Correspondent

Russian Imperial ukase issued granting municipal self-government to Russian Poland (see

First Indian units of Indian Expeditionary Force “G” (formed from Force “E”) sail from Egypt for the Dardanelles (see December 31).

Beginning about April 8th, deportations and massacres of Armenians by order of the Turkish Government commence

German armed merchant cruiser “Prinz Eitel Friedrich” interned at Newport News, Va.

9 April: General Sir John Nixon relieves General Sir Arthur Barrett as Commander-in-Chief Indian Expeditionary Force “D” Mesopotamia.

12 April:
Battle of Shaiba (Mesopotamia) begins.

First Allied advance on Yaunde (Cameroons) begins.

Entente Governments make offer to Greece of Smyrna and hinterland in return for immediate action against Turkey.

French Government notifies Russia of their acceptance of Russian claims to Constantinople.

14 April:
Germans accuse French of using poison gas near Verdun (see 22).

The British Secretary for the Colonies states that Dominions will be consulted as to peace terms.

Japanese Government inform British Government of German overtures for separate peace.

16 April:
Urmia (North Persia) occupied by Turkish regular forces.

17 April:
Capture of Hill 60 (Ypres).

22 April:
Battles of Ypres, 1915, begin. Also known as The Second Battle of Ypres

First German gas clould attack on the Western Front.

The Second Battle of Ypres consisted of four battles starting with a gas attack by the Germans. The following three battles were counter-attacks by the allied troops to try to regain the ground lost to the Germans. The three battles were: The Battle of St Julien, The Battle of Frezenburg Ridge and The Battle of Bellewarde Ridge.

25 April:

Allied Forces effect landing at the Dardanelles and the Bosporus forts shelled by Russian Black Sea Fleet.

26 April:

A secret agreement is signed in London between Italian Government and the Entente for Italian co-operation in the war and declarations by which Italy adheres to the Pact of London.

The last German raider overseas (armed merchant cruiser “Kron prinz Wilhelm”) interned at Newport News.


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