St. Patrick’s Party 1906


Postcard from the private collection of Kathleen Woolf.

reprinted from Daily Capital Journal (Salem, Or.) – March 24, 1906

“Miss Theo. Bennett entertained the girls’ first and second basketball teams of the Willamette University and their gentlemen friends at her pleasant home on Capital street last Saturday evening which was in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

The rooms were decorated in the emerald color, and were very artistic. The entertainment was also in keeping with the occasion. In the guessing of the Irish conundrums, Miss Iva Booth won first prize. The soap bubble contest caused much merriment, as it required skill, but Miss Shepard and Mr. Nelson were the winning couple, and carried off the prize. Other interesting games were indulged in, and, with music and bright conversation the time was spent most pleasantly. In choosing partners for the lunch, the young men were requested to hunt for snakes in one room, while the young ladies did likewise in an adjoining one. The snakes were nothing formidable, but proved to be of striped candy, tied with a bright colored ribbon which was afterwards matched. The colors green and white were carried out in the menu.

The guests were: Misses Hall, Coryell, Salomon, Morris, Carrie and Stella Belknap, Metcalf, Riddell, Gover, Iva Booth, Shepard and Bennett; Messrs. Long, Judd, Edward and Wilfred Winans, Nelson, Clifford Gray, McNess, Nutter, Frank and Oliver Myers, Chester Catlow and Will Mott.”

Daily Capitol Journal - March 24, 1906

Daily Capitol Journal – March 24, 1906

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