January 21, 1915

by Richard van Pelt, WWI Correspondent

As advertised in the Oregon Statesman:

Military Boot Ad

The War Lineup:

France – Big German ammunition depot near Rheims struck by French shell and exploded. Reported many killed. Furious fighting St. Mihiel to Metz, several German trenches captured. Germans started new assault at Soissons.

Turkey – Turks in Caucasus retreating in disorder towards Erzerum, Russians harassing. Russian torpedo boat sank 12 Turkish freighters in Black Sea. Slavs captured Ardanutsch.

Rumania – Reported Rumania ordered Rumanian students [at] Swiss universities to return to colors, foreshadowing Rumanian participation in war.

Germany – Berlin asserts French offensive towards Metz shocked and rolled back. German newspapers predict other aerial attacks on England soon.

Austria – Vienna announces Russians defeated along Danajee river, several hundred captured. Reported 150 cases Black smallpox at Vienna.

Poland – Fighting along Vistula river. Berlin declares 100 Russians captured in engagement near Lipun.

England – British officials ridicule reports Zeppelins participated Tuesday night’s aerial raid.

Belgium and Alsace – No change reported.


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