Not Deepwood, 2004.010.0090

20040100090This photo (2004.010.0090), while marked on the back “Deepwood” does not seem to match up with the house as it stands today.  The turret top is wider and in the wrong position.  As we sat and looked more closely, the decorative woodwork throughout the porches didn’t match either.

What Deepwood actually looks like. Salem Shine Network.

So we are left with the conundrum. If this isn’t Deepwood, what house is it? After about fifteen minutes of Googling Queen Anne Houses in Salem and in Oregon, we couldn’t come up with a match. Does anybody recognize it? Let us know!


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We are devoted to providing information fresh from the Archives, Library and Collections of the Willamette Heritage Center in Salem, Oregon. We specialize in the history of Marion County and the greater Salem area.
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2 Responses to Not Deepwood, 2004.010.0090

  1. g2-70ba82e6e83016f8f275fb27f54f5bcc says:

    It would be helpful to reproduce the historic photo in a size that doesn’t require scrolling to see it all on one screen. you might also want to clarify that the photo below IS Deepwood and reproduced for comparison purposes.

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