Mystery Muellhaupt Photos

Today we came across two portraits that seem to show the same individuals but we are having trouble confirming that fact.  What do you think?  Comment below.


2006.047.0062.002. Johnson was in business as a photographer in Salem in 1880.


2008.021.0018. Undated.

The photos are part of the Muellhaupt Family collections. The dates of the photo on the left seem to be most appropriate for the patriarch of the family the Rev. Jacob Muellhaupt. He would have been 36 at the time this photo was taken. Without markings, however, it is difficult for us to determine if this is him or not. It is further complicated by the unmarked photo on the right. While the couple seems to be the same people, the birth order of their children doesn’t quite match the individuals shown.


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3 Responses to Mystery Muellhaupt Photos

  1. josiahkalia says:

    I can only click to enlarge the photo on the left. Funny how his outfit (and hair/mustache) would fit right in in hipster Portland right now…

  2. whclarc says:

    We had a visitor in to the museum today who brought his copy of the photo on the left. Luckily for us, it was labelled as Mr. & Mrs. George Ramp! A Maggie May Ramp married one of Rev. Muellhaupt’s sons. We are sorting out the details now, but we are pretty sure we can positively identify this photo, and that may make the birth order of the children in the photo on the right make much more sense.

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